11 Disember 2010

My 19 Minutes Survey

Thank youu to sis Alia Sofia and syg Afeena bcoz da sudi tag aq ;) \
HAHA.jwb tag pagi2 buta plak aq nie

oke,lets start

Instruction : Once you are tagged, answer all the question honestly. No lying or cheating.

Starting time : 03.30 am
Name : Noremilia Natasha 
Brother(s) :2
Eye color : Black / Dark brown . rasanya kot.HAHA
Shoe size : 6
Hair : Biasa jew.mcm shila kot.HAHA
Piercings : No piercings -,-
Height : 165 cm
What are you wearing right now : Baju tido jew
Where do you live : Kulim Kedah
Favorite number : 5
Favorite drink : Mcm2 la,jnji sedap.sudah
Favorite month : April la sbb my bufday month
Favorite breakfast : Nasi goreng campak2 masakan mak

-Have you ever-
Broken a bone : X penah lagi la,sya nie jenis yg sopan kot
Been in a police car : Dlm mimpi.HAHA
Fallen for a friend : Depends
Fallen for a guy/girl in a short period of time : Sometimes
Swam in the ocean : Waktu kecil dula,skrg dah x berapa suka
Fallen asleep in school : Kadang2 tu terlelap la jugak sbb letih sngat
Broken someone’s hearts : Ta taw . Ask 'em by yourself
Cried when someone’s died : Once .
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : Tak da masa la
Saved e-mails : Can't remember =.='
Been cheated on : Never.I think

Your room look like : One word , bersepah
What is right beside you : Meja yg srat dngan buku
What is the last thing you ate : Prosperity burger . HAHA

Who did you last yell at? : My youngest bro .
Who was the last person you danced with? : Entah la.tak ingat
Who last made you smile ? : The last eah ? Muhammad Aqil Syafiq :) 

-Final Questions-
What are you listening right now? : Voice of The Ramlees - Itulah Sayang on my blog
What did you do today? : Teman my aunt kat hospital
Are you the oldest? : No
Indoors or outdoors? : Ikut mood la

-Today did you-
Talk to someone you like : Yes
Kiss anyone? : Nope
Sing? :Of course . HAHA !
Talk to to your ex? : Tak da ex la
Miss someone? : Maybe him
Eat? : Semestinya.HAHA

-Last person who-
You talk to on the phone? : My mom , yesterday morning
Made you cry? : Telemovie tempatkan dia di syurga at tv3 . HAHA
Went to the movies with? : My buddies
You went to the mall with? :Family
Who cheered you up? : To many la

-Have you-
Been to mexico? : Nopee
Been to USA? : On the way :P

Have you crush on someone? : Errr .. Perhaps
What book are you reading right now? : Komik detective conan.HAHA
Best feeling in the world? : Excited plus happy :D
Future kids name : Lambad lg la . Be patient pleaseee
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? : NO
What’s under your bed : Boxes of my bother things 
Favorite sport (s) : Bowling and badminton
Favorite place : pemandangan yg cantik
What do you really hate? : KATAK!!!
Do you have a job? : In the future
What time is it now? : 03.

With however long it took you to complete this , post as “ My __ Minutes Survey “ and tag 10 people .

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