27 Ogos 2010

my trial result

it was disaster
my result are so bad
i can't imaging
my bad trial exam result
bm-76 A
eng-66 B
math-82 A
sc-70 B
geo-73 B
sej-90 A
kh-84 A
agm-90 A
look!!!!it just 5a 3b
i want 8a or 7a 1b
how could I want to apply sbp or mrsm
it can't be
huhuhuhuhuhu ;(
btw,i so happy
cause my result is better than bdk giler
here,his result
bm-70 B
eng-60 B
math-53 C
sc-60 B
geo-55 C
sej-83 A
kh-80 A
agm-85 A
i was pity for him cause he was studying in noising
but his result is not bad
cause this exam,he could not focus..
biasa la,bdk ostel an
owh,sebelum terlupa
last week,my syg,alyn ada call dia
comel la suara dia,
she used my number,
i so happy cause he pick up my call
ingatkan x mau kwn dah
tpi aq suka =]

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